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While we didn’t accomplish everything we wanted, we did make strides in several areas. Please carefully review my legislative accomplishments since being elected in 2016. 

Constituent Services:

*Rallied to quickly repair both Shelby Deason Road & Highway 442 outside Shelby, MS.

*Reported to constituents “consistently” during legislative session on a weekly basis about what was happening at the Mississippi State Capitol.  

*Provided 100% Constituent Response Rate (meaning calls, emails, and text answered).


Funding Support:

*Helped ascertain FUNDS (with MS Delta delegation) for various Bolivar & Sunflower County road projects totaling roughly $5.4 million.

*Received investments for I.T. Montgomery House renovations ($250,000), West Bolivar High School cafeteria ($250,000), future landing dock on MS River ($1,000,000), and Grammy Museum enhancements ($250,000).


Community Involvement:

*Worked tirelessly to encourage Youth Initiatives, Entrepreneurial Activity, and Community Engagement.

*Worked with Delta State University to continue expanding its long-term vision.


Civil Rights Activism:

*Co-Authored legislation that took several Black Codes (House Bill 668) from Mississippi Law.

*Advocated to change the Mississippi State Flag (No flags flying at municipalities in Bolivar County).

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