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7 Minutes in House District 29

Listen as constituents from House District 29 discuss issues that impact Bolivar & Sunflower Counties. Both problems and solutions will be addressed during the short 7 minute interviews. It will weekly broadcast on my Facebook Likes Page each Monday from May 6th to August 5th. Thanks to all participants!!!

Week 14: Mara Scott interviews Abe M. Hudson, Jr.

Week 13: Recent Retiree and Business Owner Robert Scott on Parchman, Business, and Birthday

Week 12: Restaurateur /Alderwoman Bobbie Reed on Shelby, Entrepreneurship, and Youth

Week 11: Professor/Artist Chet Oguz on

Delta State University, Studio 230, and Art

Week 10: Jeremiah Smith and Arthur Smith on Rosedale Freedom Project

Week 9: Chef Neyamijah on Food, Health, and Symonds, MS

Week 8: Jervis McGee (JGutta) on Friendship, Hip Hop, & Fatherhood

Week 7: Zakiyo Jackson on Shelby Health & Rehabilitation Center

Week 6: Mayor Carey Estes on Rosedale, MS

Week 5: Mayor Eulah Peterson on Mound Bayou, MS

Week 4: Dr. Carmen Oguz on TeleHealth

Week 3: Ashkelon Stapleton on Shelby, MS Homecoming

Week 2: Renee Moore on Education in MS Delta

Week 1: Kierre Rimmer on FlyZone Youth

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